Social Impact technology Startups

Updated: Jan 1

Tech Policy Lab is a unique, interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Washington that aims to enhance technology policy through research

The Tech Policy Lab is a research group that is part of the University of Washington. They focus on policy analysis and development to make sure that technology continues to improve people's lives. They are focused on ensuring that AI and digital solutions have positive social impacts across many industries, including healthcare, energy, emergency services, and more.

Large impact potential: The Tech Policy Lab was created to identify how technology can help people. Their purpose is to ensure that all parts of society benefit from the latest technologies, including AI and other digital solutions.

Differential potential for AI or Digital: The Tech Policy Lab has a team of researchers who want to make sure that AI and digital solutions continue to make the world a better place. For example, their team found a novel algorithmic solution to food waste, which could significantly positively impact poverty.

Pathway to scale: The Tech Policy Lab is working with the government to identify ways that technology can be used to make an impact. They are currently focused on healthcare, energy, education, justice, and emergency services.