Social Impact Platforms Making A Difference

Updated: Jan 1

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Located in Berkley, California, ImpactAlpha is a media platform that focuses on impact investing. They are dedicated to journalists and investors who want to educate how small investments can drive societal change. They also have an online community where people can connect, share ideas, and discover ways to be part of solutions. They hope this digital platform will allow for many more investors to make impact investments.

Large impact potential: ImpactAlpha hopes that the information they can provide will allow people to identify and invest in ventures that are focused on making positive changes. They want to grow a community where people feel confident in investing in social enterprise funds.

Differential potential for AI or Digital: Their digital platform can give people access to information and businesses that can help them identify ventures that are making a positive change. This will allow for more impact investments. For example, ImpactAlpha's focus on transparency and data has a great digital platform that makes creating solutions easier. It also helps potential investors find venture opportunities beyond only the social entrepreneurship sector.

Pathway to scale: ImpactAlpha has an extensive network of journalists and investors connected. They also spend time walking them through the process of investing in impact funds, so they feel comfortable making an impact investment in the future.