Multinational edtech company improves AHT by 17%, improving DSAT drivers

improving DSAT drivers

With conversation intelligence and data-driven coaching programs, Company boosts transparency to help agents deliver better customer service.


Before Observe.AI, the Company monitored less than 1% of calls they received daily. center team leads knew call duration and average handle time (AHT) were out of range, but didn’t have an action plan to improve KPIs in a measurable way.

The agent performance evaluation process was also tedious and manual, preventing contact center teams from having a data-driven way to evaluate overall agent performance. Instead, they relied on a subjective process, manually listening to agent calls to understand performance.

With specific goals in mind, the Company leveraged Observe.AI to harness 100% visibility into customer interactions to find the root causes behind customer sentiment and DSAT scores.


Interpretation & action at scale
With the Observe.AI platform in place, the Company immediately got visibility into 100% of its customer interactions. One feature within the Observe.AI platform called ‘Moments,’ or AI-powered interaction monitoring, allows the Company to track key points of interest on calls that offer signals on agent performance as it relates to customer satisfaction, process adherence, call drivers, compliance, and