Nonprofit Venture Fund Helps Social Impact Startups

Updated: Jan 3

Based out of Mumbai, India, Intellecap nurtures early-stage, high-return businesses that create or significantly impact social and environmental good. And invest in companies that employ innovative tech to lower costs and risks in infrastructure for humanitarian agencies. It is one of the key impact investing groups in south Asia and east Africa.

Large impact potential Intellecap has had many investments over the years that have helped build many great ventures with positive social and environmental impacts all over the world. Intellecap has invested in over 100 ventures around the globe. For example, they invested in a company that uses an app to bring tech solutions for the unbanked people in third world countries and help them build a credit score and a company that allows small-scale farmers in developing countries that are using AI technology to protect their crops and help them with the best times for planting.

Differential potential for AI or Digital The businesses that Intellecap invests in, especially those with digital platforms, can use this data to make better investments with more accuracy. They also help improve the transparency, automation, and efficiency of these digital ventures, allowing them to scale up much faster than humanly possible.

Pathway to scale By providing capital for innovative solutions, Intellecap builds political will in these countries, which helps them build a business-government relationship. They hope that this relationship can be formed around solving society’s problems through impact investments from IntelliCap. This will allow solutions to get scaled.