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Collidescope One Unified Platform To Power Your Social Good

The massive shift to digital for nonprofit giving and engagement require organizations to find and utilize new solutions. Online revenue opportunities are increasing, emails impact is declining, donors have rapidly migrated to mobile, and social media platforms are driving massive amounts of influence across all consumers. How are you managing this quickly changing landscape?

Equal is a social commerce platform that aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals, increase the bottom line for businesses, and reduce waste, by creating the world’s 1st circular-economy marketplace in which everyone gives and takes equally using an innovative digital rewards system.

Accelerating the change towards a more sustainable nation.

SusGain has developed a simple framework. We use this guideline in order to identify and evaluate the businesses’ activities which have a positive ecological and social impact.

Our framework is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It consists of eight badge categories. Businesses can choose in each category, from a list of concrete measures that their organisation can adopt to contribute to the overall sustainability goals.

Agrorite farming, Aggregation and Processing

Smallholder farmers' livelihoods are being improved by providing them with access to finance, smart advisory services and profitable market linkages.

We provide critical facilities, infrastructure, and services that enable smallholder farmers to expand their markets beyond the farmers market, allowing them to develop and improve local and regional food systems.

Connectwork social impact platform Social Impact platform for startups and experts to connect on social impact. Our mission is to transform social innovation through providing mentoring, incubation and acceleration support to social impact startups.