How do we hybrid work in 2022

So after dodging the Virus for 21 months and two variants, I did test positive, and someone smart (read: my wife) has rightly said, "Do something productive during this quarantine ".

Connectwork Inc. is a group of people from all over the world who have come together to share their ideas and opinions. We've prioritised our teams' diversity, mobility, and flexibility by implementing a hybrid work style that allows employees to work from anywhere on the planet. With over 30 nationalities on board, the ship is a melting pot of cultures.

Work is exactly where you want it

More workplace flexibility is available with a remote-first or hybrid work approach, as we like to call it. Whether they work from one of our regional centres (New York, Antwerp, Amsterdam, or Singapore) or live a nomadic lifestyle, our individuals get the support they need to succeed professionally and personally - no matter where they are.

It was critical to invest in flexible and adaptable employment methods in response to the pandemic. We took advantage of the chances that a new perspective on work could provide since we had a collaborative approach. We noticed that having in-office, hybrid, and totally remote choices as part of a company's capabilities was critical.

keeping the team in touch across borders

One of the most essential characteristics of the our spirit is connections. Recurring physical and online events are an important aspect of our culture, as they keep our teams connected.

We hold hybrid meetings with tools like Around and make sure there are plenty of online events. One of these is "This is me," in which new workers get