startups creating lasting social impact 

Updated: Jan 1

Based out of Utah, Gratitude Railroad is a group of investors focused on top-tier offers support startups at the intersection of profit purpose and planet-A community of investors committed to helping solve environmental and social problems through the profitable deployment of capital into conscious businesses.

Large impact potential: One of the top-tier startups that have been recently funded by Gratitude Railroad is BlueVision. This startup will help reduce plastics by recycling them into building materials. They hope to create a more sustainable environment for generations to come.

Differential potential for AI or Digital: The business model of these companies looks for sustainability solutions that help the environment and people. AI/Digital can provide an excellent opportunity to make smarter decisions when it comes to sustainable growth. For example, a company called LeanPath uses a search engine to help restaurants make better decisions about sustainability.

Pathway to scale: Once these investments are made, they hope to support and use companies who want more investment in their ideas and cause. This will also allow them to develop alliances with other companies that want to invest.