Children education interaction cloud platform system

Currently, preschool education target is by " intellectual education " center " be changed into " focus on overall development ", preschool education present kindergarten, Family and social integration educational development trend, the home cooperation mutual education mode based on information technology are answered extensively With China's publication《Long-term educational reform and development planning outline in country》In clearly propose arrive the year two thousand twenty, build up and cover substantially The IT application in education sector system of the lid town and country schools of various levels and categories, has largely pushed the development in family-school interaction field, in addition As the network of kindergarten user is universal, rejuvenation trend, the industry presentation rapid growth situation of parent and instructors.It is various mutual The application of dynamic cloud platform, provides convenience for school control, also established between school and parent one it is three-dimensional, polynary , the communication bridge to work well.

Kindergarten information management system disclosed belongs to teaching information management system, including user terminal Computer and the server connected by internet, network server with database management system, file management system, count respectively It include customer database, file information data library, class's BBS database, online service database, the use according to management system Family end computer includes kindergarten's computer, parent's computer, and kindergarten's computer receives and edit the letter on information collection machine Network server is ceased and uploaded to, class BBS and online service are managed and participate in, the connection of parent's computer enters network server Transmitting file in inquiry, downloading kindergarten, participates in class BBS and online service.

Summary of the idea
The present invention provide it is a kind of aim at kindergarten provide profession children education interaction cloud platform system, multimedia teaching resource, Child (and parent) archive management system realizes kindergarten's integration information management.Pass through mobile phone or PC terminal, the traversing space-time palm The dynamic that baby learns with live every day is held, easily realizes the efficient interactive between parent, teacher, garden are long and communication.The present invention Detailed technology scheme it is as described below.

A kind of children education of the invention interacts cloud platform system, including an at least server, several with server communication Parent's end system, several teacher's end systems, the long end system in several gardens, successively by back-stage management account, parent's end subscriber, teacher side User, garden long end subscriber control.