social impact startup carbon collective

Updated: Jan 1

The Carbon Collective, based out of California, is a sustainable investment platform using data from Project Drawdown. It is a $1 billion investment fund designed to invest in and accelerate projects that can help solve the climate crisis.

The Carbon Collective has Investors like Sir Richard Branson, Shakira, and even Leonardo DiCaprio, who have invested millions into these climate solutions. It has also partnered with many big corporations like Google and Microsoft to use their AI to find cleaner energy sources.

Large impact potential: Lack of access to information and services due to language barriers affects hundreds of millions of people. According to the data from the United Nations, 8% of the world population is not proficient enough to speak English. Furthermore, statistics on lack of access to information from the CIA World Factbook show that there are 14,495,226 million people who have limited or no access to information or communication services.

Differential potential for AI or Digital: The idea of the Carbon Collective is to use digital data and renewable energy production for sustainable growth. This can help scale up these solutions quickly and easily, making a significant impact in the process. For example, the Carbon Collective's platform allows consumers to exchange their data for clean energy. As a result, AI can predict where and when renewable resources are most needed.

Pathway to scale: Can integrate with existing digital platforms, become part of the digital economy.