Building a new mental healthcare system

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Tens of millions of Americans seek mental care every day, but the vast majority never get the care they need. Headway is solving this, and they’re doing it all through software.

healthcare system, rewired for access and affordability. While one

About Headway

Headway is building a new mental in four people have a treatable mental health condition, the overwhelming majority don't get the care that they need because of prohibitive costs. Through Headway, prospective patients can search for a therapist who matches their preferences, all while having a clear view into what they'll owe with their in-network insurance plan. Headway's free software enables therapists to accept insurance while offloading all administrative work allowing therapists to focus on the patient instead of the paperwork

Headway is a managed marketplace solving mental health’s affordability crisis. One in four Americans have a treatable mental health condition and the majority of them don’t get the care they need. The primary reason is because most therapists don’t take insurance directly. At Headway, we’re building out a marketplace to solve this problem and give people access to a network of therapists an