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(Connect+Work) means to join or fasten together, usually by something intervening on a platform to connect. Connectwork, Inc. is a platform with a critical mission to connect socially responsible start-up entrepreneurs and key influencers who want to live by the philosophy of "doing well while doing good." We have a Social Impact start-up platform where we bring together start-ups and experts to share social impact ideas. As a result, we could not only utilise their collective wisdom to help startups, but we can also use it to help ourselves.

Story Time
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Social Impact startup Community platform

A social impact platform for social start-ups and entrepreneurs who encounter problems inspired by real-life experiences. Changing society takes time, effort, and experimentation. Connectwork's visions for massive social change can inspire people, as experienced by taking small steps in pursuit of our goals to make a social difference.



Connectwork's objective is to help 100+ social impact startups over three years through our networking partners and driven by events of social impacts for start-ups and social entrepreneurs impacting society.

Ujjwal N Gupta is the founder of Exhiference Media Pvt. Limited, a successful social entrepreneur with a proven track record of success and extraordinary achievements in building companies from an idea to the successful acquisition of Exhiference Media Pvt. Limited by Messe Frankfurt GMBH.

The 2013 Best Leadership Award for Innovation hails from a very small town in UP. I grew up in Dehradun, is a self-made entrepreneur who has worked in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi, and is an avid traveler.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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Ujjwal Gupta

 Start-up Marketing & Communication advisor

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Social Impact & Start-up

Management advisor

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Anirvan Dam

Start-up growth accelerator, innovation advisor

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Yashvi Arya

 Public Relations Fellowship

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