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Accelerate your Startup growth with the right network

Our mission is to transform social innovation through social impact stories, as well as to support (SMEs)  social impact startup companies with mentoring, incubation, and acceleration.

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Three-month virtual equity-free program for social impact startups &  (SMEs)

Access to Mentors

Offer wide access to professional advice to grow your company. While on the incubation and acceleration program, you'll work with mentors.

Virtual Impact Events


Our social impact events attract a large number of

start-ups. non-profits and make a difference.

Our hybrid events and webinars bring together expert advisers and social impact startups.

social impact startup events

Virtual Expert Advise


Our panel of experts will assist you in turning

your concept into a viable business proposition.

We collaborate with you on every step of the way

to create a successful social impact venture.

social impact startup experts

Flexible go-to-market support for startups & Small Midsize Enterprises( (SMEs) .

Marketing & communication

ALT =marketing & communication services



We also have a range of other services to help you expand your reach and build an audience.

Prototyping & Production



You can streamline and optimize your product development with these resources for prototyping, procurement, 3D printing, and more.

Packaging & fulfilment




You can get assistance managing your supply chain and delivering to your backers.

Startup Fund raising



Use the Connectwork network of investor adopters to get started with your firm and validate your startup idea.

Creative services

ALY+ creative services



Provide your customers with an engaging customer experience with the best Creative agencies and design house

Retail, Licensing & Distribution

ALT= retail licencing and distribution



We work with leading companies and agencies, which help you can create a retail strategy and get your product into the store.

social impact incubation

Obtain support to have an impact on major societal issues.

social impact strtup experts

Experts and mentors are waiting to help you.

social impact innovations

Use the WoW idea thinking approach to improve your skills.

social impact startup tools

Resources to Assist You in Rapidly Developing Your Ideas

Our Partners/Associates

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